Your Financial Dinner Table


Disclaimer: I don’t believe there is anything inherently wrong with lots of money. In fact, I’ve asked God for some additional cash more often than I’d care to admit. Money is a driving force in society, however, and that is something that Tanya and I have countlessly determined to not allow in our finances. This post is… Read More


Where Should I Go?

Since starting this blog, I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response that it has received. I’ve stated before that I didn’t expect it, and that at times I doubted my motivation. But since then, it’s become clear that this blog is not just something that I do for fun, nor is it something that I… Read More


Why Being Terrified of Leadership is a Good Thing


Everyone know’s we are the worst personal critiques. Ask someone how you’re doing at something, and chances are they will tell you an answer better than what you were bracing for. But this doesn’t help the crushing scrutiny we place on ourselves when aspiring to carry out a calling that we know is a part of… Read More


A Beacon of Peace


I tend to stress out as much as the next guy. Recently, with a child on the way, my stress level has soared to new heights as I deal with the problem of little space, changing finances, and an unknown future. While all of this is more than likely normal, I’ve noticed something interesting when… Read More


Your Man-Cave is Killing Your Manhood


I remember my first man-cave. Nestled in the basement of my home, it was my place of seclusion, reflection, and entertainment. I would often retreat there, even daily, looking forward to “zoning out” in front of the XBOX, and playing hours of video games. It was the perfect place where I could escape all of… Read More